Newspaper Invitations

  • 7″ x 10″ Wedding Newspaper Invitation made to order for your wedding.
  • Printed on recycled, eco-friendly paper.
  • Invitation Package includes 20 printed black and white copies and white envelopes for $149. 
  • Each additional copy is $3.00.
  • Minimum 4 weeks required before you’d like to mail them.
  • Programs are folded once to fit in a 5″ x 7″ standard envelope.
  • Color pictures are available for an additional fee.

Order Process

Step 1:

Fill in the request form below and submit to start the process. I will email you an invoice for the Invitation Package ($149), which is the deposit for your wedding newspaper and will allow me to start creating your made to order newspapers.

Step 2:

Once you have paid your invoice, I will email you the order form that you will need to complete for me. Include as much detail as possible and send the picture you would like to include.

Step 3:

Once you return the order form to me, I will create the first draft of your wedding newspaper and send it to you to review as a PDF. Review your first draft and request any edits from me. I provide a maximum of 3 rounds of edits and once completed will email you the final PDF that will be printed.

Step 4:

Once you have approved the final PDF, confirm any additional copies you will need above the 20 copies included and let me know if drop off fees or shipping is required. I will send you a final invoice to cover the additional copies and/or shipping if required. 

Step 5:

Once you have paid your final invoice, I will send your newspapers to be printed. Once printed I will fold your newspapers and arrange a pick up with you or ship as previously discussed.

Step 6:

Send your wedding newspaper invitations to your guests! I would love to hear feedback from you and to see pictures of how you have incorporated them into your day.

Request Form

Fill in this form to receive an email invoice for your Newspaper Package.

I will send your first invoice to this email address.
Minimum 25 copies for Program Package and 20 copies for Invitation Package. An estimate is okay as final quantity will be determined for final invoice.